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Top Tips For a Successful House Move

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Moving home can be stressful. You’ve probably got countless questions and worries whirling around in your head – will I like my new home? Have I packed everything properly? Will everything get there in one piece? Here at the Removal Team, we understand these concerns and – with over 17 years of experience dealing with hundreds of house removals in St Helens and the surrounding areas – there’s no problem we haven’t dealt with before. So, worry not, we are removal experts and we’re here to help – starting with our top tips for a successful move.

Give yourself plenty of time!

Some people don’t believe us when we say you can never give yourself too much time to plan your move, but it’s true. We’ve witnessed Man and Van St Helens deal with too many last-minute rushers over the years – and the stress that this causes! We can assure you that something always gets forgotten as a result of not giving yourself enough time to properly organise your move. By allowing yourself extra time to cover the finer details, you will enjoy a more relaxed and successful house move.

Develop a packing strategy

If you’ve never experienced the process of moving before, then you are forgiven for thinking that we’re taking this a little too seriously by talking about ‘packing strategies’ – but they can be a great help.

Deciding if you’re better off packing alone or need to recruit a team of helpers to get things done more quickly, are you first steps to getting organised. What should you keep readily available for unpacking straight away and what can wait until for room by room unpacking? These are all points that should be taken in to consideration in the days before your house removal in Manchester or the surrounding areas come to help you with your move.

Labelling your boxes

We can’t stress this one enough. Clearly labelling your boxes with what’s inside and in which room they need to go e.g. the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, can save endless time and stress searching for belongings. It also means that your removal company can leave boxes in the appropriate room for you, to save you lugging items about. 

Picking a reliable removal company!

Now, we don’t want to blow our own trumpet but finding a top quality house removal company is pivotal to a successful house move. By hiring a company you can trust – like the Removal Team – your mind will be at ease throughout the whole process.

At the Removal Team, we will transfer all of your possessions from one house to the other with a safety guarantee that no item will be broken or damaged. We also communicate with you throughout the process to make sure you are kept totally in the loop, at every stage of the move.

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