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Attention Worried and Stressed Staff Member!!!


So you’re the one in the organisation who has been given the responsibility of having to arrange the dreaded office removal. The boss asked you into their office and gave you the news that you’d been fearing!

If so, then don’t look on this move as a dreaded process but more of an ideal opportunity to prove to your boss and colleagues just what exactly you’re made of.

Believe us, when calling on a company of our experience, we can assure you that we do these types of moves day in day out and we don’t mind you accessing all our knowledge and handy work so it’s you that looks great in front of the company when it’s all over and done with.

After all, we know exactly what you’re going through as we deal with people in your position all the time. And if you’re like us, and just want to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little down time, then you’ve come to the right place.

With The Removal Team, you DON’T have to worry about:

Business Relocation Leeds

  • The move going disastrously wrong;
  • The vans not turning up on time;
  • The job not being completed on time;
  • Looking like you’ve failed to do your job properly in front of colleagues;
  • Any damage to expensive IT equipment or furniture;
  • Having to handle the relocation all by yourself as we’ll guide you through it.

So now that we’ve established what we WON’T let happen to you, as the removal company, what are we going to provide you with to take you to iconic status within the company?


We’ll provide you with:

  • A Commercial Project Manager for a single point of contact available by mobile or email 24/7;
  • FREE information along with advice every step of the way regarding your move through our years of experience;
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee so there is never any risk to using our services;
  • A removal team that won’t leave the job until you’re entirely happy with how the moving process has been performed ensuring complete satisfaction on your behalf.

You can call us on …

For a free valuation from us on how much our services will cost you, contact us today by calling 0800 195 4960.


Please visit our sister company at for more information.

0800 195 4960 or email

…we look forward to hearing from you very soon and promise you won’t regret the decision to use our company!


We at The Removal Team try our best to make your situation of moving to a new home as care-free as possible for you. Moving can be an irritating and tedious task, and so we recommend you contact the best of all house removal companies Leeds has in their area. Whether you only need a single van to go down the road or numerous to move across the country, The Removal Team are more than capable of handling this for you. The benefits we offer with our services include:

  • A 100% money back guarantee for all customers
  • Plenty of warning for when our team will arrive at your home to begin your house removal
  • Fitting each piece of your furniture into your home, wherever it needs to be
  • Guarantee that all possessions will be as safe as possible in our care
  • Insurance for all items during transit, up to the value of £100,000, free of charge
  • Our dedicated team working until you are completely satisfied with what they have done

For first class services from the best of house removal companies in Leeds, contact The Removal Team today for a free valuation from one of our team members. You can contact us by calling us on 0800 195 4960. One of our reliable members of staff will be happy to assist you in any way.



If you’re after …


  • limiting your organisation’s downtime
  • a company that charges no extra for weekends

  • a friendly “can do” attitude
  • peace of mind through our 100% Money Back Guarantee


…then congratulations, you have just found your perfect Office Removal Company! 

If you give one of our friendly staff a call at the office on 0800 195 4960, we can explain exactly what is involved in managing such a process.

So what are you waiting for, give us a call now!

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