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Office Removal Companies Warrington

Being left with the responsibility of overseeing the relocation of your company can be stressful. One company who completely understands the challenge and are always willing to help are The Removal Team. We provide removals in Warrington and are always willing to help you with your relocation of your office, whether it means your new location is down the road or across the country.

Business Relocation Service in Warrington

We are the most experienced of removal companies in Warrington, having worked in the industry for over 17 years, and we consistently strive to provide first class service and leave customers satisfied with their work. The customer service provided is of paramount importance to us, which is why we offer certain benefits to our customers. The benefits we offer are that:

  • You will receive FREE advice and updates concerning your office relocation in Warrington
  • The removal men in Warrington working on your business’ relocation will work endlessly and quickly until you are satisfied with the job they have done
  • We will take full responsibility for the relocation side of things, ensuring yourself and your staff have no added stress and minimising business downtime during the removals process
  • We will provide your company with a project manager, to ensure that you and your staff constantly have a point of contact during the entire removal process
  • All items will be insured for up to £100,000 during transit, free of charge
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee, meaning that you are taking no risks when using our services. If we don’t fulfil your expectations in any way, or if you are unhappy with the services provided, we will offer a free refund

We also offer a number of added services that help in making aspects of your office relocation in Warrington that bit easier. These services include:

  • The relocation of important I.T equipment
  • The recycling of unwanted furniture that is not be taken to the new office space wherever that may be
  • The storage of items that are not of immediate importance straight after the removal process is complete
  • The shredding of documentation that is no longer needed by the company
  • The archiving of important documentation that is needed by the company

For the best regarding removal firms in Warrington, look no further. We pride ourselves on our constantly helpful service and always ensure that we leave our customers satisfied. For a FREE valuation from The Removal Team, call 01925 266 660 today or email

If you’re after …

  • limiting your organisation’s downtime
  • a company that charges no extra for weekends

  • a friendly “can do” attitude
  • peace of mind through our 100% Money Back Guarantee


…then congratulations, you have just found your perfect Office Removal Company in Warrington

If you give one of our friendly staff a call at the office on 01925 266 660, we can explain exactly what is involved in managing such a process.

So what are you waiting for, give us a call now!

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